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All sails set

Today was the second day on our way to Portugal and Lisboan. Which means the first day with lessons.

You see, we have the first day of from lessons so that we can get used to the movement from the waves. The first day is tough each time actually even though we're used to it by now. In the lessons everyone was productive and worked quietly. It may have something to do with our PE assignment that is supposed to be done in six days time and almost no one had started before today.

During the night watches they had seen dolphins, but when we came up at 8.00 in the morning the animals had gone away. Instead we sat sails and we had all sails up apart from those that aren't on the boat at the moment. It was beautiful. During the day the wind turned so the other watches had to take the sails down and we had to go on by motor. By the next watch at 8.00 in the evening the dolphins were back. We watched them as they jumped up from the water in front of the boat. It was fun to watch since there was nothing else to do or watch. The highlight of the watch was the coffee break when we got brownies.

Today we also practised what to do if we had to abandon the ship in our lifeboats. It was the second time we had that kind of practise so we new what to do and where to go. Therefore did it not take such a long time. But it was fun.

Hope you had a good day as well.

Greetings from us at Gunilla!

Karin Drake, midships


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