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Almost Miami

Today is the last day that we are sailing before going back home to Sweden, a lot of us students are excited about going home. It feels like we’ve been away for at least 6 months because we’ve experienced so much, but it has ”only” been 2,5 months, time has flown away so fast.

We had to sign some papers this morning to be able to leave Gunilla, so sadly we had to the port watch up. Poor port watch only got 3 hours of sleep this night, but many of them went back to sleep after finishing signing all the papers.

As you may know, we weren’t able to to Miami, so we went to Everglades instead. Everglades is located right north of Miami. Since Everglades is located so close to Miami it isn’t difficult to get to Miami if you really want to, but a lot of us are perfectly happy in Everglades.

As much as we like it here in Everglades, we can’t wait to get home. Soon we’ll be sliding in, so Sweden, get ready!!

Kisses and Hugs

Ebba Bogestrand


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