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Almost there

At the moment we have 7 days until we´re in Miami, and there our trip ends. 7 days is only a week and it is less than half the time it took us to get across the Atlantic ocean. Right now I feel that it is so little time until we´re home that I can almost feel your warm hug, mom.

I can try to compare the 11 days that’s left until we´re in Sweden how much I want, but the wait is still unbearable at times. But at least we´re never alone here, there is always another one understanding how you feel. We miss all of you at home so very much, and we´ll be home soon.

Since we came to Santo Domingo we have started with the “final cleanup”, we are cleaning every little corner of Gunilla. I wouldn´t say that it is extremely fun but it is a sign that we are getting ready to go home.

When you´re here you learn to appreciate the little things in life, it could be as little as somebody getting you a really cold glass of water or get this, we got “wasa knäckebröd” with lunch today! We also got it at fika yesterday, it was lovely. I think that I speak for everyone when I say that we want a lot of knäckebröd when we come home, maybe even by the side of a cold glass of Swedish milk.

Everyone gets homesick from time to time and I´ve heard that it is supposed to be hardest in the beginning and the end. The hardest thing with being homesick here is that no matter what you do or fast you pack, clean and do your school assignments, you will still be home in 11 days no more no less. That could of course bring a sense of calm, having a schedule telling you when to do what. But we have been doing that for 2 months now. I think that we are ready to go home, sleep until noon, eating whatever we want whenever we want. And if we feel like it, stay in bed all day with watching 1 season of your favorite show as that days biggest accomplishment.

Watch out Sweden here we come!

Svea, Starboard


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