Öckerö gymnasium

Almost there

The Clock just turned 3:30 am. The door opens to the cabin and you can hear a calm voice that nicely says god morning. It is starboards time to wake up for the 4 to 8 watch. Many people are tired and would like to lay down for a few more hours, but this changes when they walked out on deck and looks up on the Beautiful ,sparkly sky full of stars.

Gunilla has had a whole lot of chlorified water onboard for a litle time now but it has had it’s last moment on the boat. The thing that needed to be done was to mop of the whole deck with chlorified water so all the salt water on the boat could disappear. This was a good move to get rid of the water. Two flies in one punch you could say. This was then followed by night snacks (fika) that always are very good. We are starting to get close to Cap Verde and the arrived is now close. Then it was also time for lashing some sail so we can slow down our speed a bit.

The day flows on good with the watches and some lessons with a harbor presentation. I Today isn’t it a regular day, not only is it Thusday but also our loved friend Linus birthday! Hip Hip hurray, Hip Hip hurray!

On every birthday is it the birthday kid who decides what’s on the menu for the day. Today we got chicken pasta salad for lunch and tacos för dinner. A real taco Thusday today. I can garnet you that everyone got so full that they’re going to sleep like stones tonight. Todays food was a real hit for everyone. Not have we only eaten today but also seen Sharks, a really cool sight.

Felicia Henriksson.


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