Öckerö gymnasium

Always be positive

Hello back home, hope everything’s great and I think we all are starting to miss home.

Quite many of us are feeling sick, some seasick, some got a feber and some are just feeling not so good. We support each other and we are trying to keep positive. We can even find it humorous that one by one get sick and our nurse onboard is running back and forth between different students.

It’s not that long until we will make our way back home to Sweden but we still have some adventures ahead of us. I think everyone’s excited and looking forward to the Dominican Republic. One of our leaders gave us a pep-talk today to keep on going. He said as long as we keep going, work together and have a positive mind we are awesome. And I believe him, because sometimes it’s hard and you miss home but if you just think positive and try to have fun, the time will just fly away and we will have a much better time the rest of the trip.

Family, relatives and friends back home, we miss you and soon we will see you again. Have a great day, bye bye!



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