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A memory for life

Every single person on Gunilla woke up at 2 am this morning and lined up on deck. “Why?” you may ask. The reason behind this was that the fire alarm rang. So when the captain as usual asked us if we had slept well this morning´s line-up, no one could really answer that we had.

At this morning´s eight o’clock line-up it was finally my turn to ring in the bell. I felt a bit nervous and excited because everyone was going to watch me. What if I would do something wrong or fall in front of everyone? The worries were of course not necessary and it all went on really well.

After a forenoon of intense studying, at least in my case, some of us decided to go and explore the city of Palma de Mallorca. So after taking the bus in to what we think was some kind of city centre, we walked for a couple of hours in different stores, mostly clothing stores, and at least all of us girls did some shopping. Let’s just say that a couple of people, without mentioning any names, were a bit tired of waiting for us after a couple of hoursJ.

When we were on our way home, a decision was made which turned out to become one of the best memories so far from this voyage. We walked on the road with a beautiful view of the city with lights in the dark, and suddenly our wonderfully smart friend came up with the amazing idea that we could take a swim in the ocean that was on our right side. The only thing that was between us and the water was a precipice, and the clock was already “time to go home” (we’re supposed to be back on the ship at 10 o‘clock in the evenings). Plus that none of us had swimming clothes with us, but we solved all of these problems! We found stairs, tried to be as fast as possible without stressing and swam in our underwear. It was like magic! Think about it, we go to school but we’re here in Mallorca, on a beach, swimming in the ocean. The water wasn’t even cold. We floated on our backs looking up at the night sky, watching the stars. Talking quietly to each other with chill music in the background, playing from a speaker on the beach where a couple sat. And just when we didn’t think it could be even better, phosphorescence showed up around us in the water. It was just like a dream! I never wanted to get up from the water, but as said, the time was already late. This resulted in hurrying back to Gunilla, running the very last bit.

Ps. We were just in time.

I hope all of you have a great time, and you’re lucky if it’s half as good as mine!


Christina Boström, Midship


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