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America here we come!

Today has been a very fun and eventful day. We were awakened at eleven a clock to eat lunch and we also saw America. One hour later we were ready on half-deck to take over the watch. Since the trip soon will be over we started to clean the boat and write down where everything is located. Me and two of my friends helped each other with that.

We found paddelrackets, boxings gloves, equipments for snorkeling, volleyball
balls, jumping ropes and lots of dumbbells. Who knew that we had a Stadium shop omboard?

A moment later we had to get up on deck to furl the bram, the second
highest sail. A storm was moving towards us and somethings had to be
adjusted. When we came down again we were very excited for the coffee
break but then the storm escalated...

We leaned so much that all the plates, breads and mugs were all over the
floor and the water on the starboard of the boat was to the waist for a
while. We in Starboard really enjoyed it, it was really excited and a
really cool experience. Around Four o'clock in the evening we were off
watch and had lessons. After that it was as usual, a movie in the big
mess with the watch. At midnight it was time for watch again. It was a
really funny night and we laughed a lot. But let me tell you it was so
nice to go to bed and sleep after the watch.

Ester Ivarsson


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