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Americans are awesome!

Today we visited Hillsborough High School and met our assigned americans, and believe it or not they are regular teenagers just like us! So o create a bit of contrast in our lives, I am giving to you a blog that is not as regular.

(Tue 6:47 am)

RISE AD SHINE! It’s happening TODAY!

(Tue 6:48 am)

I know, I’m so excited! All you Swedes coming to our school, it’s gonna be awesome

(Tue 6:55 am)
We’re all gonna look the same since we have to wear our school shirts, RIP us, a bunch of fortylets

(Tue 6:55 am)

Like triplets but there’s 40 of us, get it?

(Tue 7:00 am)

Go away

(Tue 7:00 am)

You go away

(Tue 7:03 pm)

Are you nervous to meet us?

(Tue 7:08 am)

A little, but I always am before school visits. I know a few are very nervous to meet their hosts tho, but I bet you’re all v kind

(Tue 7:13 am)

What time are you arriving?

(Tue 7:15 am)
The bus is gonna be there at eight, I’m so thrilled!!

(Tue 12:12 pm)

Hey where are you? Courtyard?

(Tue 2:24 pm)
Back at wifi, TODAY WAS AMAZING!

(Tue 2:37 pm)

I was so happy to meet you, you’re awesome!

(Tue 2:39 pm)

You too! I was so tired today tho so I’m sorry if I seemed a bit spaced out

(Tue 2:42 pm)

Yeah I noticed you were tired:( Get rest alright? No worries!

(Tue 2:43 pm)

Sleep is for the weak. Btw, I’m still full after that lunch buffet, you said it’s special treatment for cool swedes?

(Tue 2:43 pm)


(Tue 2:44 pm)

Dude pls

(Tue 2:44 pm)

It’s special swede treatment to make us look good, the usual food sucks

(Tue 2:47 pm)

Aw that’s sad:(( but at least you got good food today… Even though it was a weird mix of combinations, I mean mac n cheese PLUS fired rice PLUS lasagna PLUS 50 other weird dishes

(Tue 2:50 pm)

That cake buffet was also sick man, there were like ten different kinds of sweets, cakes and cookis, I can’t believe our school did that

(Tue 3:39 pm)

Lucky swedes I guess B)

(Tue 3:40 pm)

Still not over that your school kinda looks like Hogwarts, and I really got order of the phoenix vibes from that bell tower

(Tue 3:44 pm)

Did you see a glittery shine radiating from it too? Hah. You love the school when you’re there for one day, but if you’re there for three years you will start to despise it. But yes, the bell tower is pretty cool

(Tue 3:50 pm)

Climbing the stairs between your classes almost killed me, I can’t believe I’m so out of shape. Why does the school have three floors?! To keep everyone in shape I bet

(Tue 3:53 pm)

Oh don’t worry, I always lose my breath. Im just a master of the dark arts of concealing your exhaustion. And yeah, they probably exist to make us so exhausted that we’ll be quiet in class

(Tue 3:57 pm)

Wow that’s an evil master plan

(Tue 3:58 pm)

I wish we had time to hang out more today. I heard some of you are coming to the ship tonight for dinner, but you gotta be home?

(Tue 3:52 pm)


(Tue 5:56 pm)

Maybe you could come on Thursday? And you could bring me that bubble tea you talked about and see my prom dress

(Tue 5:32 pm)


(Tue 5:40 pm)


(Tue 5:41 pm)

OH And guess what my friend just found on the ship

(Tue 5:41 pm)


(Tue 5:45 pm)

No what?!

(Tue 5:45 pm)

The greatest board game there’s ever been, settlers of vafan!! Prepare to be crushed!

(Tue 5:46 pm)
Settlers of Catan* oops autocorrect

(Tue 5:47 pm)


(Tue 5:47 pm)

We gotta play when I visit you!

(Tue 5:49 pm)

Yes!! Ok, I have dinner now and then we’re gonna play, so see you when I’m a winner B)

(Tue 5:50 pm)
Good luck loser

(Tue 9:34 pm)

Just finished and guess who won

(Tue 9:46 pm)
Not you

(Tue 9:47 pm)


(Tue 9:47 pm)

But at least I did’t lose...

(Tue 9:50 pm)

This awesome american is gonna crush you on Thursday, ya kno it!

(Tue 9:52 pm)

Oh you wish

(Tue 9:54 pm)


(Tue 9:56 pm)

Says you

(Tue 10:02 pm)
Wow I just yawned and got tears in my eyes, I gotta go to bed

(Tue 10:03 pm)

It’s not easy losing, is it;)

(Tue 10:04 pm)
Shut up<3

(Tue 10:04 pm)

You shut up</3

(Tue 10:05 pm)

(Tue 10:06 pm)

Says you

(Tue 10:07 pm)
Guess I had that one coming

(Tue 10:07 pm)
Well good night for real now, and thanks for today you awesome american!

(Tue 10:07 pm)
Thank you you awesome Swede, good night, talk tomorrow zzZ

Xia Hallding, Starboard.


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