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A most unusual New Year´s Eve

The day after New Year´s, we all know that feeling. Well, on T/S Gunilla New Year’s Eve is quite a different story.

The celebration started the day before with the annual Atlantic Games. It may sound bombastic and grand but the reality of it is that the Atlantic Games are actually just a nice name for a scrappy golf tournament. But don´t get me wrong, I was more than happy to get off work for a couple of hours and have a good time with the rest of the crew. A good thing about living on a boat for a week and working 8 hours a day is that when the routine is broken, people become very enthusiastic about whatever they get to do instead. In this case all of the crew were instructed to dress up in their most snobby clothes and act as if they were filthy rich golfers. Everyone took this very seriously and throughout the whole games, that lasted for two days, everyone stayed in character. Anyways back to New Year’s Day. After a breathtaking finale a winner was crowned and to everyone’s delight the crew won over the instructors. By then it was time to feast, and feast we did! We were served sliced pork and baked potatoes with a delightful salad to compliment the main course. For dessert we got chocolate panacotta and lemonade drinks. And as if this wasn´t enough we all gathered on the main deck at 12 o’clock to welcome the new year. This was indeed a lively event in it´s own way and a night I will remember.

Malte Laurin


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