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An Absolute Carribean Vibe

After about one week on the boat I took my first steps in Belize and what a country! Two days ago we anquored outside Dandriga, the cultural capital of Belize and today me and three others did what, in my opinion, the only right thing to do after a few days on the sea.

We went trecking in the jungle, walked up a mountain and swimmed in a whaterfall where you actually got cooled down by the water opposite to the sea where the tempature is about 27 degrees. The day started with a boat ride from Gunilla to the shore and as soon as the little boat picked up speed everyone got a big smile on their face. Once we got to the dock the morning tiredness had been splashed away. We took a taxi and forty minutes later the driver left us at a national park. We started walking in the hummid forest and it was truly overwelming.

Everything was so green and the birds sang while we made our way up the mountain and I watched my steps for the snakes that we had been warned about. After about 45 minutes of sweating, we reached the top and had an amazing view in a shaky watch tower while eating the honeymellon and snacks we had brought with us. To be out in nature, to see and hear all the life and to get away from the lots of people was a great contrast from being on the ship.
On the way down we took another path, leading to a little river that we followed uppstreams and got a little glimts of a Tapir. Once we got to the whaterfall all of us were full of sweat and dirt so the bath was needed and appriciated. I floated on my back and looked up, there were high cliffs surrounding the pool of water and the sky was partually covered by palm leafs hanging down 50 meters above. Green therapy. We walked back and met up with the taxi, we had arranged the time with the driver and got driven back to Dandriga. We walked trough the city where you heard reggae music from every other house and the Carribian vibe was absolute,

Emil, SA2023


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