Öckerö gymnasium

An almost ordinary day on board

As usual we in the 8-12 guard were woken at 7 am.

On our formation at 8 o’clock we saw dolphins! You could see them beneath the water and sometimes they jumped out of the water. Today was cloudy but sometimes the sun came out from the clouds. I believe everyone is free from seasickness now, finally! The waves aren’t as high as before and that’s really good!

I had to be on sentry duty today and thankfully nothing happened. While I was there the other ones in my guard did some maintenance work, for example oiling the hinges.

After the lunch we got classes. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate in the big mess hall because the air is really bad there. But the air is better than before and that’s a good thing!

When we came out for our night shift, the stars didn’t shine as bright as usual because it was a little cloudy. But we could see phosphorescence along the boat and it was really beautiful.

Best wishes, Manali


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