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An another day on sea with some unwanted visitors.

Today we had a lot of unwanted Mexican flying devils on board… sorry for my anger birds, but JESUS CHIRST GET AWAY, SHO, SHO, SHO!

My workday on board has consisted: cleaning up bird shit, pausing, cleaning up bird shit again and oh no, they shit some more…SPLASH and swoosh they were gone. We choose to drag a water-hoes all the way up in the mast to splash those devils away, and it worked, but they angry pooped at us…

But besides that everyone seems happier today due to that the waves and wind has calmed down. No more seasickness, no more slamming doors and no more having a ridiculous hard times taking a shower. This has also helped the studies moving forward, but we have a lot that needs to be done before Mexico and I am one of those who should be stressing out because my lazy ass hasn’t really done anything productive besides working on guard duty. Which is so pointless for my future, but hey it has to be done.

I thought about this yesterday night when I was standing as lookout, in my head I reasoned that what I did then and there was so meaningless school wise. Then I thought about it some more and came to a resolution that even if so many things seem pointless on board, it still matters in the end. Cleaning up bird shit still has a meaning guys. Because if no one manages to stand as lookout or clean up bird shit we couldn’t be here, we have to help with everything to get this ship moving to all the cool destinations, so that we can experience amazing things and have an awesome time together.

It is just as what the older students that has graduated said to us before our first trip; Travelling with T/S Gunilla is the worse and best thing you will go through.

That’s all from me! – Jeanna Francke Arévalo


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