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Anchored with Fever

Nearly every day being anchored stays the same, we all wake up at 07:00 and gather 07:55 on deck. The guard on duty starts doing the dishes and prepare for a days work. But today is different, we aren't just preparing ourselves for a days work, we are preparing to leave! Something that we've all wanted for three days now, and the thought of leaving and making it over the Atlantic is thrilling.

But for Portside the work force is small and the work load enormous. A large portion of our members are laying sick in their beds wishing they were home in their own bed but are confined to their overheated beds and broken air conditioning. Not really ideal condtitions for recovery.

While our healthy members worked hard in the sun scrubbing deck, the rest of us sicklings spent our day dragging around in our pyjamas under deck hiding from the sun, only going above deck to watch the rest of the guard take a bath in the piercing blue ocean.

When the evening came we all expected a meeting with the captain telling us we are set to leave in an hour, but that meeting never came. We went to sleep expecting waking up on a moving ship required to wear a lifewest, but instead waking up having to sit in the navigational compartment for two hours before being able to go back to sleep. You can imagine the disappointment.




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