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An eventful day

A day with a lot of excitement, walking and a lot of different cars.

My day started early; I was woken by one of my friends. It was time for me to guard the ship. I crawled out of my bed and tried to put my clothes on in the dark so I wouldn’t wake up my roommates. When I finely was done, I went up on deck and started my shift.

Awhile later, after breakfast and lineup, we were planning a hike in the mountains. This was one of our assignments that we had to do, plan a hike and then of course do the hike. When we had decided on a hike, we packed our bags and where on our way.

We took a taxi high up in the mountains, the old Mercedes went slowly up serpentine rods. And when we were at our destination, we hopped out of the car but not before we got a number we could call if we needed a ride down the mountain again.

The hike begun, and it was hot, and the road went up all the way. Our plan was to first walk up to the mountains top, pico de la nieve, and then walk down to Santa Cruise. But at one point when we came to a separation in the road, we realist that it was 1.7 kilometers left to the top and then 11 kilometers down to Santa Cruise. But we really wanted to see the view from the top, so we started walking. The path was steep and very hard to walk on and the heat was awful. We made many short stops and we contemplated if we made the right decision. But in my opinion the view from the top was worth it, it was amazing.

After lunch on the top, we started to walk down, and when we came down to where we started, we realized that we were too tired to walk 11 kilometers. So, we decided to call the number our taxi driver gave us, but it didn’t work. Oh no I thought we are stuck, but then we saw a family with their car, and we asked them for a taxi number but instead they became a taxi. We went with them a short bit before we realist we were going different ways, so they dropped us of. We started walking down the road and we couldn’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel. But then a taxi with a woman already in it past us and stopped. Lucky for us they let all 4 of us sit in the back seat. They were going to Santa Cruise as well. The taxi driver dropped us of a bit outside the city because of the police and we walked the rest of the way to the boat.

This was enough excitement for a whole week, so the evening was just spent talking and laughing.

Hanna B, styrbord


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