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An eventful day at sea

Today was an eventful day, unlike most other days at sea. The day began as usual with watch at 4 am. Since we currently can´t sail and has to go by engine because of the winds it was a cold watch without much to do. By the end of it, everyone was tired and wanted to go back to sleep when our watch leader suddenly called out “sperm whale on starboard side”!

Everyone got up and started to look for the whale. It didn´t take long before we saw the whale sprout and afterwards the whale’s body and tail when it dived back down again. It was my first time seeing a sperm whale and I’m really happy I got to see one before the end of our trip.

The day continued with lessons and to our surprise some minigames as well. During the math lesson the watch leader thankfully called out that everyone had to be present on deck and that the math lesson had to wait. While on deck they told us that it was time for the “Gunilla cup games”. The games consisted of 3 different minigames where the different watches competed against each other. It was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time. After the games they presented the results and, of course, portside had won all of the games. The price was the best one you could imagine, a cup of coffee from the officer’s coffeemaker! It´s been 2 months without a real coffee, so this price was better than any candy or cakes in the world.

When the games came to an end, it was time for our watch again and we didn´t have time to continue the math lesson, darned!

Hanna W, Portside


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