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An eventful day in a less eventful little city

My day started of with breakfast and a few conversations contemplating over what to do during the day.

Since Cherbourg is a fairly small city with limited things to do, rumors often spread about it being a boring place. Ignoring these rumors, a couple of friends and I decided to explore the city with low expectations, making the most out of our stay.

Firstly we found a market which is only open once a week and fortunately, today was that day. The market had everything from fruit to clothes, books, toys etc. We walked back to the ship for lunch and took some time to research ”things to do in Cherbourg”. I read two things that sounded appealing, the first, a park, the second, laser dome. After lunch we walked to the park, which was surprisingly nice, and it had a small museum in the middle which we also visited. In the evening me and 13 others walked for half an hour to the laser dome place we read about. We played a game and had great fun. When it was time to walk back to the ship it started raining, and we got soaking wet.

Back at the ship, my friends and I got struck by disappointment when we realized we had a lot of studying to do, which leads me to were I am right now, studying in our small dining room, also called ”the little mess”.

Ellen Bohlin, Portside


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