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An eventful day in Lisbon

After a night of bad sleep I woke up in panic, the same panic I wake up with everyday. The panic hits me because I am worried about sleeping in and needing to run up to the line-up in my pyjamas.

But this morning was a good morning, I woke up at 07.00 to the rondmans beautiful voice, fell asleep quickly and then woke up by myself at 07.30 in perfect timing to dress and eat a quick breakfast. And unusually I remembered to tidy up the cabin because my intuition said that the crew were going to check the cabins, and I was right. So my cabin and 2 others were lucky to get an applause because of the excellent well-kept cabins.

me and my roommates walked down to our room proudly after the line-up. As we were getting ready for a long day in town our watchmate ran into our room and told us the weather for the day which was going to be amazing, 27 and shining sun all day. So the plans changed, instead of exploring the town all day was the idea to take the bus to the old town, Alfama, eat breakfast at a cafe’, visit the ”thieves market” and then take a taxi to Caxia Beach which is the beach nearest by the harbour we are staying with T/S Gunilla.

I had never heard about the ”thieves market” before but when we after guiding by Google Maps arrived I really realised it was a well-known market. Two long streets were crowded by stalls which sold all you can imagine, from old clothing to antique furniture, magic crystals to fruits. Whatever you ever will need! In between the stalls which stood on both sides the streets people walked up and down slowly inspecting everything that was for sale. So when we entered the market we expected hours of walking, watching and buying.

When we were getting overheated we discussed and concluded to catch a taxi to travel to the beach. We stayed there and chilled for hours, sleeping, sunbathing and swimming in the freezing water which in contrast to the air felt like the early spring-swin you take in Sweden.

The day ended at a traditional Porugeese restaurant a Portogeese recommended us in Bairro Alto. Eating Portugeese tapas while listening to gloomy fado was a perfect ending of the day.

Sara Leffler, Portside


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