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A new watch

Good afternoon! Today has been a day like the most days out here on the Atlantic. However for this sealeg we’ve got a new watch, the 12-4 watch.

In this few days with the new watch I’ve noticed that we get much sleep
but miss the breakfast because we doesn’t wake up until lunch time.
Therefore we are a bit hungry when we wake up. So today when woke up we
got pasta casserole for lunch. Then we had quiz about the presentation
that Kiki held for us yesterday about the different places we’ve been to
so far. The rest of the day consisted by other lessons and continuing
school work. When we got dinner break we ate cowboy soup that tasted
really nice. After the dinner it was time for another hours of school
work. The last hours before the night watch it was time for some sleep.
I spent the watch being lookout in the complete dark and freezing cold.
Even though the termometer said it was 17 degrees it felt much colder.
With the cold wind blasting from the northwest it feels like the whole
arctic is spitting you in the face. It's not often I'm cold but this was
another story. To stay almost completely still and not move for 4 hours
in this cold wind demands you to be wearing a handful layer clothes to
not become an ice cube. After the long watch I got a long awaited sleep
in my warm bed.

/Ludvig Maechel - Styrbord


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