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An exciting day!

I am in the 4-8 watch so our day started when someone wake us up 3:30 am. I woke up and heard that it has started to rain and thunder. It was the first time it was bad weather on this trip so I put on my full sailing outfit.

The boat did not sway so much and it did not felt like it was so bad weather. I went out and it was dark and a lot of clouds but it did not rain so much. Then BOOOOOM! The whole sky lights up! it was the thunder. But it was still not so bad weather it just thundered and rained a little. I and my watch went up to the pop deck to hand over the watch. but suddenly we went in to a little storm and It started to get very windy and rain a lot! Our watch leader yelled that everyone need to take down the sails as fast as we could! So, both watches went to main deck to get down three sails the big Röjel, Bram and Apan. When everything was done, we all was very wet. My shoes were full of water, my whole body was wet and my hands hurt because I have dragged the ropes as fast as I could. But it all was fun! It was exciting and fun that it happened something different. Now could we hand over the watch. the other watch went to sleep and we started to work. After the storm did it not rain so much and it was not so windy anymore. To be sure that we not are going in to another storm we waited to set all sails again. While we waited our watch leader said that it was my birthday today and they wanted to sing for me. But it is not my birthday today, my birthday is tomorrow. They said that the cocker said that it was my birthday today so now everyone thinks it is my birthday. So, the whole day today people has come to me and said congratulation on your birthday and other asked if it is really my birthday today, that is a bit fun haha! But on the rest on our watch did we not do so much. The only thing we did was to set all sails again because the storm was over. At 8 am our watch was over. We were very tiered as always after a 4-hour watch and went to sleep. But first we ate breakfast. To breakfast I ate yogurt, bred with egg and a very good mango juice. Then at 11:30 am someone wake us up again because we eat lunch at 11:50 am. Today they serve bolognas with parmesan and pasta it was very good!

In 4-8 watch you lose alot of the day because you sleep very much. You sleep after the day watch at 8 am to the night watch at 4 am and after that watch are you very tiered so you go to sleep again and sleep to the lunch 11:50 am. After that are you free 4 hours but under that 4 hours you need to study and at 4 pm you go on watch again. That is how we live every day with 4-8 watch.

So, after the lunch we studied. For us who study to be a seaman had English lesson and engine lesson today. Then we went on our watch again. It did not happened anything special on the watch we just did like we always do, set sails, paint little and just sail the boat. 😊

That was all for today! It was a fun and exciting day! Hope that everything is good at home because we have it suuuuper good here!

//Martin Vargas Sjd1518


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