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An extraordinary day on the sea

A day full of sunshine, climbing and swimming in the clear blue water of the Mediterranean sea.

We in midship took over the watch keeping at 8 o´clock, as usual. This morning we got to watch the sunrise, it was beautiful as always. The sky turned all pink an orange and the beautiful light reflected on the ocean waves. The weather was warm but a little bit more windy than yesterday, the wind came strong but still from the wrong direction, from straight ahead. This meant that there was no sailing today either.

Today we continued our work up in the rig that we started on yesterday. Some of us oiled the wires, which is done every other month. If you´re doing this, you must climb all the way up to the top of the mast. It’s a really messy job and risky too. There´s always a risk of falling down, even though you are secured with a line to the mast you can still fall a few meters down until the safety band stops the fall, and you could drop your bucket of grease down on the deck or on to someone’s head.

After the 10 o´clock “fika” we saw a group of dolphins that were swimming right next to Gunilla in the clear blue water. It´s amazing how close they swim to the boat. You would think they´d be scared of the ship, but I guess not. They only seem to like the “company” of Gunilla.

After lunch we had a quick safety exercise, we talked about the first step if you would find a person whom is unconscious and we all tested to put each other in a stabilised side position. The person in charge of the medical care on the boat told us what you should think about if you find a person whom is unconscious.

When we were done with the exercises the captain, Torben, asked us if there where anyone who wanted to swim in the ocean. As you probably can guess almost everyone said yes. We anchored and when everything was ready we all jumped in to the warm, clear water. It a was truly amazing experience.

This was a day of its own and I hope we can experience something like this at least one more time tjis journey.

Amanda Medin, midship


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