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A nice day in the galley

When I woke up on Friday morning, I was in a delightful mood. The watch was going to start in an hour's time and I felt well prepared and excited for it.

Some days you just wake up with little extra spark of joy, and this day the joy was there because I knew I would spend the watch in my beloved galley. I think working in a restaurant setting is super fun, and even though I’m not that good of a cook, I really enjoy the waitressing part, like serving food to my friends and doing the dishes.

Just after my galley companion Ella and I had started serving lunch someone shouted ”whale!” and all of us ran outside and lined up along the fence, looking out over the ocean. As always when there is a whale nearby, everyone got quiet and just stood there looking at the surface of the ocean and trying to find any possible sign of the big animal. I manage to see a small water fountain from the whale once, but unfortunately that was it. But hopefully we will meet more whales later on our voyage.

I went back to the galley and continued the work together with Ella. Our cooperation was great and everything went well except for one thing… There was no music. This problem turned out to be harder to solve than I had expected, because Ella had no downloaded songs on her phone, and Johannes´ wi-fi did not work. I was the only one who had downloaded music, but my phone was nowhere to be found. The third time I searched for it in my room, I finally found it, under my mattress. I have no idea how it ended up there, but there it was, and we could finally listen to some good music. While lovely melodies and lyrics filled the air we made fruit salad, which we later served as ”fika”. The sweet flavors seemed to make everyone happy, which was a perfect ending to the shift.

Afterwards it was time for school. I got into a nice flow and managed to do a good amount of studying, which was a relief since it is not always the easiest to find motivation and enough concentration to be able to study here. With this feeling of accomplishment it was easier to fall asleep, especially since I knew that when I woke up it was time to spend another four hours in the galley making pizza buns, listening to music and having a fun time with Ella.

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