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A nice Sunday

Today it’s Sunday. Every Sunday we get fried eggs and bacon to our breakfast. I really appreciate this because it’s a nice change from the regular oatmeal and cereal.

In combination with the nice breakfast all of our lessons are cancelled so that we get a days rest from everything. Sadly I would be lookout today during our watch. This means that every half hour I will rotate between lookout, helmsman and lifebuoy guard. This means that I would stand up for four hours straight and look into nothingness, all this whilst my fellow crewmates are sitting on the deck
and talking to each other.
On top of all of this it was freezing. But another nice thing that happened today was that we watched a movie, we watched around the world in 80 days. It was a special movie, it was entertaining but weird. We also had a MOB practise, MOB stands for Man Over Board. We did quite good, it took us 15 minutes to get the “man” back on board. Note that it was almost perfect conditions and we were prepared so in a real-life scenario it most likely will not go as good.

Rasmus Falk


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