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An interesting meeting...

Today was the last day in Reykjavik for my watch, port, since we’re leaving tomorrow.

It was a great last day, though. We started off the day by going to a small, cozy café to order some of the famous cinnamon buns with glazing we heard so much about. They tasted amazing, but best of all was the bathroom where you could hear the singing of birds. After eating for almost an hour, we went straight on to lunch on the ship. Unfortunately it was leftovers, but we were just as happy nonetheless.

When the food had been somewhat digested we continued to a maritime museum. There, we could see everything from old diving gear to dried fish. I thought the most interesting part was some old fishing gear and the fishermen’s stories from back in the days. We returned to the ship for a small nap and to get ready for our grand meeting with the president of Iceland. The meeting itself was very interesting and the president was a very nice guy. He used to be a history professor, but ended up in office in a somewhat peculiar way. This marked the end of our time in Reykjavik. As a final goodbye me and some others went out after dinner to get some well deserved ice cream.

Our time in Reykjavik was an extraordinary experience, but I’m glad we’re finally setting sails again soon. After a whole week of exploring, hiking and shopping I feel we got to see the most of the city. Therefore the goodbye won't be too sad, however I hope I will someday return to this beautiful island to once again experience all it has to offer.

Best of wishes from Gunilla,

Amanda, babord


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