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An open sea with a lot of puking

This night we passed Gibraltar sund on our night watch it was cool knowing that we had Morocco on one side and Spain on the other. The trip has been were calm, barely any wind or waves, but this was about to change. Last thing I remember before falling asleep is that my bunk was going side to side.

When waking up and going up on deck I saw that there was no land in sight. I realised that for a week this was going to be the constant sight, maybe a ship or two if we are lucky, until we arrived at our next stop. I was going to be on post today so for me the day was going to be calm. At the end of our watch I was asked to climb up to the top of the foremast to furl the top yard, of course I said yes but I was going to regret it.

Up in the mast the waves were much more noticeable, and it felt the entire world was rocking around. The nausea who had been following me like a ghost the entire watch made an entrance. I furled the sail as fast I could and almost fell down the rig. When coming down I heard about all the puking. People had been puking everywhere. Luckily for me my nausea went disappeared into a silent ghost again, when down. The puking did not stop it just continued for some more for some less. A few unlucky ones have just been laying by the guardrail puking their guts out.

Even with the downsides it has still been amazing. It is a sight being surrounded by only sea and it is quite funny sliding around all over deck when the boat heel. I get Liseberg vibes from it. Plus, when you get super tired you laugh at everything and today my stomach is full of aches from laughing too hard.


Ia Algell


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