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An Ordinary day for 8-12 watch on Gunilla

Today, 2/1, I will wright about what we (port watch, 8-12) usually do in our watch. It can vary from day to day but this is, like I said, what we generally do.

So the first thing that happens everyday is that we get woken up by starboard at seven. Then we eat breakfast at quarter past seven in the small mess, when we sail we eat in the small mess otherwise we eat in the big mess. Today it was served porridge, bread, yoghurt and so on. We have many options to choose between on the breakfast table and that’s a big luxury. After the breakfast we do us ready for our watch and of course we put on some sunscreen. We stand on deck 07.55 ready for the hours ahead.

On the morning watch we do maintenance work for example we seal wax, polish, paint, remove rust and mousing. The other watch, 20-00, is a little bit more “chill”. We clean everything inside the boat, both the students part and the commanders part.

After our morning watch we eat lunch and then we have lessons, we study every subjects that we would do at home. Our lessons start at 13.15 and ends at 17.10. In between that we have an hour brake.

The dinner is at 17.20 and the next thing is that we have spare time along to our next watch 20-00.

The day start to lead to the end and after our last watch we go to bed and sleep so we are thoroughly rested and refreshed.

So this is how a day can look like on Gunilla.

Port Watch, Ella Karlsson


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