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An Ordinary Day in Cadiz

The day started quite extraordinary with Neo coming in with loud music to our room. It was a special surprise, but atleast I woke up and didn't miss the breakfast like yesterday when no one woke me up. So we ate breakfast and then it was time for me and my team of ten people to start working. When one team is working, two others are having most of the day off. But that principal is only dedicated to the time we're in harbour.

We started training how to set sails and then wrap them up to prevent any damage made on them. We were about 15 meters up in the upper topsail, or in swedish it's called Övermärs. It was a little scary at first, but then it got better and it was nothing but fun. When you climb up the first part of the ladder to the sails you don't wear the saftey line, which is the scary part. But when you get higher up there are more posibilities to attach yourself to something solid like a metal wire och something else that supports your hook. Then I started going out on the upper topsail to untie the sail. The sail is quite heavy, so you got to hold on good a small handle which is located above the sail.

When we were done with the exersise, we climed down and proceeded with learning to do knots and tie up loose ropes that were laying on deck. Then it was lunch time, the highlight of the day. Intressting, huh? We got leftovers which was suprisingly delicious. Then after lunch, a big foodsupply came to the harbour to provide us with proviants such as rise, potato, vegtables, and other basic goods. We created a human cain to move the food from the van to the storage area. It was also quite fun to do that because it was an unordinary variation. After some 15 minute pauses with sandwitches and fruit, it was time to do the daily cleaning. We cleaned the dining room, all toilets, korridors and also the crews rooms and toilet.

Overall it was a day filled with new impressions, experiences, laughter, and a delicious highlight of the day.

Erik Nauwerck



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