Öckerö gymnasium

An ordinary day onboard

03.30 I got waked up to go on watch 4-8. It was dark, cold and windy outside. That means good sailing and a beautiful starry sky. The lovely with our watch is to see the day coming up. The sky gets lighter and lighter until the sun is there, at the horizon. Red and beautiful it slowly raises the sky, and makes the air warmer with its sunbeams.

Our watch has the job to swab the deck before everyone wakes up, so when the sun came up we soaked down the deck and rail with fresh water to get rid of the salt from the sea.

09.00 I watched a movie in the big mess. Between the watch and lunch we have our sparetime. Other enjoyed the sun at deck or did as me and had a calm morning under deck.

11.50 Lunchtime! Our chef had made a tasty curry casserole.

13.05 Englishlesson in the big mess. This was todays first lesson out of three. swedish and social studies was the nextcoming lessons.

15.20 Time for what we in Sweden call ”fika”. A little coffebreak with todays fruit, watermelon.

15.55 Formation on deck and time for the evening watch. This time I was'nt in the labour force. I rotated between navigating, hold the lookout and stand at the life buoy ready to throw it in the water if someone falls overboard. Sometimes this is a boring and very tedious job, but today I had many daydreams so the time flew away.

18.25 Dinner! Food is what I and many more onboard live for. We are seeing forward to the food-brakes all day long. Today we got served a piscary.

20.17 The watch is over and time to sleep. I watched the sunset and saw the stars become more and more at the sky during my time as lookout. After being out in the wind it is easy to fall asleep to the swinging of the waves.

We are enjoying the sailing life over here! I hope you too had a good day!

Warm greetings from

Julianna Westerberg, Starboard


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