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An ordinary watch day in port

Today was watch day for starboard. The topgallant sail got a rip during the sail here, so we took it down from the mainmast today. Aside from that, the day has offered wonderful weather and the Swedish cake kärleksmums.

Today has been an ordinary watch day for starboard. When we are in port, the watch days are for maintenance and cleaning. Since the topgallant got a rip during the sail from Malaga, we had to take it down from the mast to get it repaired. It all went well until the sail makers came here and took a look at the sail. They said ”Thanks, but no thanks” and left the thorned sail with us. So we will sail with one topgallant sail for a while.

The afternoon fika is everyday at 15 o’clock and today the chief served the Swedish cake kärlekmums. It was so tasty in the heat! We enjoyed it for a quarter and then went back to work. But we can not complain. The weather is way above expectation so the watch days are perfect to work on the sun tan.

After the dinner is free time, but the watch who is on watch is not allowed to leave the boat. So in the evening, me and some friends worked out on main deck. It is not like home, but we have a few kettlebells onboard so it went well. After that we tasted fruit from Maderia in the mess deck (which is a combination of living room and dining room), which was nice.

I have night watch in ten minutes for two hours, so I have to end this blog now. I already look forward to sleep. Good night.

Kajsa Englund, starboard


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