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A normal day as Rondman

Today has been a pretty normal day here on gunilla, so far at least. When we’ve been out on the sea for 11 days straight everything you do kind off turns in to a routine. I got woken up at eleven o’clock and by twenty minutes past eleven I was ready to go and eat breakfast.

As usual I was very tired when I woke up but i managed to arrive to breakfast in time. Today I ate cereals, bread and juice wich was soo good. Starboards watch started at twelve o’clock wich meant that lineup was 5 minutes before twelve. Today my job is something that’s called Rondman. To be a Rondman practically means that you keep the boat in check. You make sure that everything on the boat is like it’s supposed to be and that nothing is broken or on it’s way to break. A watch as Rondman looks like this:

You do the rond ( what it’s called when you go to different places on the boat to controll everything) every hour, on the first hour you have to bring a paper. First, you go down to the machineroom and check the oil filters and motor temperature etc. You write down all the numbers on the paper you brought and when you’re done with that you leave and go to the kitchen. In the kitchen you check the temperature on the refrigirators so they are the way they should be and if it is then you write an ok on your paper. Then, if needed, you throw out the compost in the sea and throw the normal garbage in the garbageroom. When I’m done with all that I bring all the dirty laundry from the kitchen and then I change the towels on the toilets and bring all the dirty laundry to our laundry room and i sort the kitchen laundry in one bag and the dirty towels in one. When i’m in there i also check so everything looks like it’s supposed to and I also smell so it doesn’t smell weird. After that I make my way to the workshop where i check the garbage room so it looks good, I check the colourroom where all the chemical colour is, its very important that nothing’s fallen out on the ground because it may be corrosive. I also look into a small toolroom and check so everything is seasafe. If everything looks good I go down to a small room with a tiny stair. Today when i was walking down that stair i slipped down all of the stairs, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m very clumsy, especially on this boat where everything moves all the time. Either way, when im down there i check the temperature of the freezer and I also have to go down to a space thats called the death, here you check so nothing’s leeking or smell bad from the tubes. After this you can leave the paper where it’s supposed to be and that’s when you’re done with your first rond. The rondman has to give the workforce water just because starboard has watch from twelve to four on witch means we have almost 30 degrees and a very strong sun, this means that you have to drink alot and it’s the rondmans job to make sure everyone in the watch drinks alot of water. So that’s what I did, I distributed cups to everyone and poured water into them so nobody would be dehydrated. All of this is being done every hour, the only difference is that you only have to bring a paper to the first rond and the other ronds you go on the watch is just to check so it hasn’t been any big changes in the numbers. This is litteraly what i did the whole four hour watch, it was fun but also pretty hard. Now I’m sitting in the students common room and have classes. When the classes are done I’m gonna go to bed and sleep until 23.30, thats when I have to go on my second watch and do this all over again.

Felicia Nordahl Vieira, starboard


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