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A normal day as the best crew member on Gunilla

Today I woke up at 3:30am. I have always had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, but today was especially hard. My eyelids felt heavier that concrete and all I wanted to do was to go back to sleep.

My night shift starts at 4:00am and as you may have figured out, considering I said I woke up at 3:30am, I didn’t have time for breakfast before I started working. My job last night was to look out for anything that we could possibly run into with the ship. I basically just stand at the front of the ship and stare at an empty ocean for a few hours. The job is pretty uneventful but it’s still important. The person who had my job at the Titanic probably regrets not doing it properly, and I’m not going to make his mistake.

After having a staring contest with the sea for 1 hour, we finally had a “fika-break”. The “fika” consisted of “nyponsoppa”, some bread and ham. It felt great to renew my energy with some food. It gave me the strength to stare at the ocean for three more hours. When my shift ended, I was extremely tired and all I could think of was sleep. Unfortunately, I had a dilemma. I could go to sleep, or I could eat breakfast. I knew I needed food, but I could barely keep my eyes open. It was a hard decision, but I chose to have some breakfast. I need all the energy I can get, and a bowl full of porridge did a great job of filling my tummy.

When I was done eating breakfast I immediately went to sleep. I can’t even describe how good it felt to lie down in my bed again. After sleeping for a few hours, I was woken up by my roommate Vidar who told me that it was time for lunch. The food today was mediocre. I’m sorry if any of the kitchen workers are reading this, but I know you can do better. Even if I didn’t quite enjoy the food, I still ate until I was full. Now that I had gotten both rest and food, I had some energy to go study. I had planned to write on my biology report and maybe work a little bit on my Swedish text, but things didn’t go exactly as planned because of the text you are reading right now. I had forgotten that I had to write a blog today. I still got some writing done on my Swedish text, but not as much as I had hoped.

After the study session I had to go back to work. This time the work was a bit more physical. I had to climb up and paint the ladders going up the mast with tar. If you stain your clothes with tar, the stains are almost impossible to get rid of, so we got special overalls to put on top of our normal clothes. Unfortunately, the overall did not cover my head, and because I was painting with the wind blowing towards me, I got a whole bunch of tar in my face. Some even got really close to getting in my eye. It was a real struggle to clean myself off when I was done.

The last thing that happened before I could go to sleep was dinner. We ate fish stew and it was delicious. The food crew really stepped up their game and it was a great end to a rather normal day.



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