Öckerö gymnasium

A normal day on Gunilla

The days go by pretty fast as well because of all our routines we have onboard.

4 out of 17 days has gone by. Most of the days kind of flows together and you never really know what day it is. Our watch started at 8 o’clock in the morning and it feels good to have the watch were the time is the closest to a normal day rhythm.

We did not have quite as many seasick people today as we had the days before. Everyone is starting to feel a little bit better and we are getting used to the boat moving all the time. I can barely tell if the boat is moving sometimes.

After our watch we ate lunch and went almost straight to our lessons. We are trying to put all of our information together so we can finish some of our school projects during the journey to Grenada.

Because we started our little killergame the other day, everyone are trying to plan their murders and we are all very suspicious against each other. More and more names are added to the list of dead people. Some murders are harder than others like mine so I need some help pulling it of. I’ll probably fail because my lier skills are not the best.

After dinner we had some free time before are watch started at 8 o’clock again. I like the night shift best because we don’t work as much and we can all just sit together and talk and just have a nice time in the middle of the night.

So this is a normal day at sea for us at Gunilla. We have two shift per day, we eat, sleep, work, repeat.

Henriksen, Midships


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