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Another day at sea

The fourth day at sea and T/S Gunilla is still on her way to Ceuta. The first days have been windy and rough, but this day brought us calmer weather.

Nearly no wind meant no sailing which was disappointing in one way, but the seasickness didn’t complain.

The watch started for us at 12 O’clock at night and was filled with exiting things. It began with sea fire, stars and dolphins. Besides that, the coast of Morocco was filled with a lots of fishing boats which turned the sea into a slalom path. As lookout, I had a lot to do this night.

Tired as many times before after our watch we went right down to our bunks as soon as the eight bells were struck. Just before we knew, it was time for a new watch. Today was fish and potatoes served as lunch. The captain, Torben, told us that if the weather accepted, a bath-stop was potentially waiting at 3 O’clock. But first there was maintenance work on the schedule. We grinded, painted and of course one of the most important things at watch: FIKA. Today it was hot apples, fruits, cinnamon and roasted sponge cake on the fika-menu. It tasted like an apple pie, very delicious!

As we slowly went our way to Ceuta by machine the waves were a bit to big for a stop. A disappointment for some of us, but no stop meant a sooner arrival to Ceuta. At the end of the day, the dinner was served, and it was all again delicious. I’m nearly 100 percent sure that I’m not the first to write about the really good cooking-skills our chefs have. All in all, this day has been good. The only sad thing is that I’ve nearly eaten up all of my Swedish candy, I hope I will survive these coming weeks anyways.

Best regards, Frida


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