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Another day at sea

The last whole day at sea before reaching Madeira. Stars lighting up the whole sky at night while we practised the names on the lines. A nice day at sea.

The day started with me having watch, I’m currently in the 12-4 watch so I will be up until 4 am. A great way to start off the day. During these four hours we sat some sails and worked our ass of trying to remember the names of every single line on the whole ship. This may sound pretty easy to learn, and yes it could be. I can now name pretty much every line on the boat, but in complete darkness at 2.30 am it’s pretty hard. I tried and I learned some new, which I’m very proud of. After practicing the name of every line it was time to clean the laundry room, thankfully i didn’t have to do this. But instead I had to practise climbing up the rigg. I’m terrified of the rigg, it takes me at least 2 minutes to get up to the first platform, in daylight (two minutes may not sound a lot, but some get up to the highest point in one minute). In darkness at sea? 5 minutes if I’m lucky. So we had fifteen minutes to practise, I got up to the first platform. No problems, it’s fine I can stay here for a couple of minutes and then climb down. But what do I hear “ALICE CLIMB HIGHER'' I answer with “I CAN’T” but I get the answer to climb higher anyways. So I listen, because I really like our watch leader and I don’t want to disappoint her. Surprisingly I got myself to climb 2 meters higher, then I felt done so I climbed down. For our night snack we got quesadillas, they tasted awesome. After our watch I went to sleep, it was really nice to finally sleep and I felt that I would be ready for a new watch in the morning.

Two from our watch run into our cab and scream that we need to wake up, our lovely friends in starboard have forgotten to wake us up. (We love you starboard) So as fast as I can I jump into my working gear and runs up to our breakfast, that is our lunch as well. I’m up and I eat lunch at 11.25, pretty good in time actually but still a little tired. But the noodles for lunch woke me up. For our next watch on sea we did pretty much the same thing, except that we sang some songs. It was nice and the time went pass real fast.

After our watch we had class with Anne-Li, it was nice and I finally started writing my Spanish blog and our Swedish assignment. So now I feel way more relaxed about our studies. It was a nice couple of hours and I got a lot done. When the clock striked 20.05 our classes for the day was done. Obviously I went straight to bed, or I watched an episode of the Simpson first but then I went straight to sleep. I later woke up at 11.30 pm to get ready for another watch. When I got up on deck you could see the lights shine up the sky, these light came from Madeira our next stop.

Alice H, Sa2023


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