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Another day in the mist

The past couple of days we have had a strange mist covering our ship and today was no exeption. We got up at 03:30 to begin our nightwatch at 04:00, watch before us informed us about the wheather conditions and described the mist like a ”floating rain”.

We put on our raincoats and headed out on deck. The wheather was indeed strange, the air was filled with miniature raindrops and your vision was limited to about ten meters. Everything on deck was wet as if it recently had been a pouring rain, this made us all feel down and we did not have the same teamspirit as we usually have on our watches. During the watch we did not do much but listen to the ship's bell which rang every half hour. At 05:00 it was time for the regular ”nattfika”(a small meal we have during our nightwatch often consisting of bread and water). Everyone hurried inside with our now soaking wet coats and for the short 15 minutes everyone was somewhat happy again.

For me personally the ”nattfika” often does not have much to offer since I am blessed with the gift of glutenintolorance, and the dry glutenfree bread does not really make me drool of hunger. The rest of the watch we kept being busy waiting and doing nothing. The last half hour of our watch which is between 07:30-08:00 we did the first productive task which was washing the surface of the deck. There is not really too much to say about it more than that we washed it with waterhoses.

After our tiring watch we were worthy of a refreshing breakfest before we all went down to sleep.

Hope all of you are fine!

Best regards Sam.


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