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Another sunny day

Another sunny day at the beautiful island of Tenerife and the crew is excited about the visit on the Norwegian tail ship Cristian Radek.

We eat the typical Gunilla buffé breakfast with boiled eggs, Müsli, Yoghurt and porridge. At the breakfast table everyone talks about the Norwegians on the tail ship Christian Radek. And even on the whiteboard up in the hall it says, “Norske gutter.” Everyone was excited about the visit and to see the Norwegians, but before the visit we had to “slå åtta glas” and start the day of. This routine is made every morning eight o’clock when we are in port. The captain speaks about the day and what we have ahead of us then our dos tells us if there are any significant school assignments at the port. After that everyone turns around and looks a trainee/student that has the job to ring a bell eight times, when the eight cling has come its time for the Swedish flag to be hoisted at the back of the boat and lastly the visiting nations flag is hoist at the front of the boat. When the routine was finished our Captain Torben started of the day with a joke and then our steersman Oskar got into more detail about the trip to Christian Radek. We were supposed to be ready after lunch for the visit. Christian Radek was 74 meters long and a real elegant ship it hade like our ship Gunilla, 3 masts but the whole boat was more cared of. The tour at Christian Radek took about 15-30 minutes.

Best regards, Svante Kristensson


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