Öckerö gymnasium

An uneventful day

When I woke up today at four am in the morning I already knew what my task for today was.

I had the one task were you can spend the majority of the watch inside, where you are not freezing your fingers off. So I got dressed for a day inside, which included 3 layers of diffrent types of fabric and then I went up on deck.

My task included checking differente testresult numbers in the engine room, changing the wet towels in the bathrooms, doing the laundery, checking the fridgerators, the freezer and the bowroom. If something is broken I am the one who is supose too notice and report it.

It is going to be nice arriving to Shetland soon and now it is time for me to get some sleep, bye!

Jemile Doydu, Sjd1821 babord


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