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An unexpectedly calm day at Biscaya

At 3:30 Dotti lit the lamp and said ”Good morning”. We just changed our watch times which makes it even harder to get up at this time. When I went to bed the night before I heard that the engine started going. And I remember thinking that we probably will dowse all the sails beacouse the wind is going straight to us.

Dowse all the sails also means that we have to furl all the sails which I don´t like at all. I was preperd to furl the sails but when I got out and looked up all the sails were allready furled. The watch before us had worked really hard but we actually got a pretty chill time on deck. The only thing that wasn´t so chill was the morning walk in the rig that Leo told us to do.

Except for that we practiced doing different knots and I learned a new one called rolling hitch. In the gally had Sigrid and Ellen made very good pizzas and I was still full when we were supposed to eat breakfast.

Our voyge last year the legs were longer then this trip so that´s what we are used to. When the legs are 5 days like this one the times goes by so fast. I think it´s nice and really appreciate the short legs. We are in La courna tomorrow already and as always Kiki has a presentation about the destination. It´s important to listen to them beacouse the leg after we always have a quiz about the place and the winning group get´s a prize often in form of candy.

I have never sailed over the bay of biscay before but it´s not like I imagined. The first days we had a good wind but it´s slowly dying and like I said we have head wind now but luckily it´s not so hard wind. I stired the ship today and I had to put lots of rudders to get her to change the course. It´s always hard to stire when we don´t have any speed. I hope we get more wind so it get´s easier to stire in to La courna.

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