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A packed arrival day.

A story about leadership, hard work, revenge, hope and misery.

The day started as if we were in port, but we were not. We were anchored outside Portsmouth as we had been for the last 24 hours. I woke up at 07.00 to taste the juicy yoghurt that is served every morning. This morning, however, it was not there to my disappointment. This made me annoyed because I had taken the actual initiative to set up an alarm to be able to have breakfast even though me and the rest of Midship guard had the special opportunity to sleep over breakfast, because for once we didn’t have to have guard after breakfast. Either way, I had to satisfy myself with a little bit of smeary and sticky porridge for breakfast and after eating that I went to bed again while Starboard went on guard.

From what I heard from Starboards guard they came on deck around 8 am to be welcomed by heavy rain and fast winds, the usual English weather. They started their guard by pulling up the anchor and preparing everything to be ready for the moor that was going to happen later on their guard. Around 09.00 the pilot from port arrived on the deck and Gunilla left the anchor place to be driven into port. Apparently the pilot was very insecure because of the heavy oceans stream but Captain Torben who was very determined made a very nice and splendid mooring which the pilot later praised him for.

The mooring was finished around 10.30 and I woke up half an hour later. I had dreamt a very weird dream about how me and my father helped a police man in Charleston to smuggle a big fat suitcase in my fathers Nissan to a place I do not remember. Later I stood a long time in front of the toilet trying to figure out what the dream meant but I didn’t conclude to anything. Why I am sharing this is because this was the most interesting part about my day. “How can that be?” you may wonder. Well the thing is that after Starboard guard had moored, me and the rest of Midships guard had guard which meant that we couldn’t leave Gunilla for the rest of the day while the rest of the crew could.

During our guard we took care of all the goods that had been ordered and we put everything in their individual place. At the same time we also had the mission to clean out the fan room which is the room which hosts all the air condition machines and such. Everything together that took the whole day and when we were done we did the usual interior cleaning.

Later though, to our pleasant surprise, Officer Jesper gave of us a thirty minuets leave to do what we want of ship. Almost everybody went to the supermarket near port and bought as much candy they needed to silence their sugar cravings. We returned 20.45 and when I came back I chilled for bit until I finally decided that I would finish this damn blog today. So right now I am sitting here, the time is 23.51, and writing the last lines of my blog. The last lines of my final blog. So I hoped you enjoyed them all and I do not have a good way to finish this blog so I will just hit you with a; bye bye have a good one!

Kind Regards,

Erik Arizala



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