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A peaceful day without puke

Today was similar to the majority of the days here on the Gunilla. The weather consisted of a shining sun and light winds. I’m pretty sure some of us would wish for a little more action, but I didn’t mind the peacefulness.

Even though the day was calm, life on the Gunilla always comes with nerve wracking, exciting and surprising moments. One of the greatest things is that you constantly learn. How to catch the wind in best way possible, who to trust with your deepest secret and where to puke to avoid a mess.

Despite all the sweet things there is something sour, the homesickness. It overwhelms me when I least expect it. When I connected to the wifi the other day, I noticed a text from mum. She wrote about what she was up to, together with my father and brothers. They were on their way to grandpa to celebrate Easter. Just that simple text from them, describing what they were doing made me feel far away from the reality I’m used to at home. Life here is different and kind of strange. The days melt into each other, I have no idea what day of the week it is today. I eat when I usually sleep, I sleep when I usually eat.

I miss watching the 9 pm news with mum and a cup of rooibos tea. I miss going for walks with my brother, talking about everything unimportant in the world. However, soon I´ll be home, and I'm aware that it will only take about two weeks before I’ll start to miss Gunilla again.

Anyway, everything rolls on as usual here, there is a cozy atmosphere, we will soon arrive in Funchal. And the one and only KiKi is back as dos, which feels reassuring.

Today we had laundry day by the way, did I mention that? Yay. I washed colored mixed with black, but it should work, right? Soon there will be fresh new socks at least 🥰 ✌🏼

As HS would say, all the best!

Villemo ⛵️💖🤸🏼‍♀️


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