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A port day in Lübeck, stuck on T/S Gunilla

Today me and my watch, portside, had our watch day on board Gunilla.

Me and Hedvig, who writes the Swedish blog today, sat so called "Ship-guards" the whole day. I have realised that I'm far to easy bored to sit still on a chair and watch the ship from 8:00 EM to 10:30 PM. I can't complain though because the 30°c sunny wheather made the rest of the watch completely exhausted while me and Hedvig sat still in the shade.

We got chocolate muffins for 10em-"fika" and fruit sallad for 3pm-"fika". Both made everyone happier cause it really tasted delicious. I can say the same about lunch, a couscous salad with shrimps, and dinner, salmon with potatoes.

I have also concluded that it's not very easy to write a blog about a day that you have spent on the same place with the same persons. It's nice to see Lübeck from Gunilla but after more than 14 hours as a Ship-guard im very ready to continue experiencing Germany tomorrow.

Rasmus Djerf, Port Side


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