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A pretty shitty day 😉

This morning I woke up to the sweet song of Agnes and Sigrid singing and strumming on a guitar. It was a wonderful way to start the day. After breakfast, everyone gathered on the main deck like we always do when we are in port. The eight bells were struck and the Swedish and Spanish flag were raised.

Today it was the midship watch who had to stay on the boat and do maintenance work and cleaning. I am in the starboard watch so I could go ashore today. A lot of people left the boat as soon as possible but a group of us stayed to do some research for an assignment we have. A few hours later we grabbed some leftovers as an early lunch and got ready to head to town.

A lot of us brought our skateboards with us on this trip so we decided to put them to use. We did some skateboarding yesterday along the beach, but today we explored the city a bit more. The main street here is perfect for skating. It is a long stretch of road that has a slight decline that will take you deeper into the city. There is also a fantastic food truck that sells the best churros I ever had, with Nutella!

We found some lovely streets near the cathedral that had many little shops. There was one were we bought nougat and chocolate covered hazelnuts. While we were sitting outside the shop, a group of people with pots and pans passed us. I asked a man that was standing near what was going on. He said that they were going to demonstrate because the pubs were closed.

Around two o’clock we headed back to the main street to get a late lunch. The others got a Dominos pizza to share and I went to the churro truck and got some chips with ketchup. We sat by the beach and ate our food in the cool breeze. The weather here is very annoying because in the morning it is quite cold and then in the middle of the day it gets really hot!

There have been many cases in our short time here with people accidently stepping in dog poo. This time a girl in our group managed to get dog poo on pretty much everything she had with her! (hence the heading of this blog) She had somehow sat down in the grass and gotten it on her jacket, jeans and t-shirt. Then, without thinking, she picked up her skateboard and got some on the wheels. Very unfortunate. Not funny at the time but very funny now. Luckily, we found a small café that was open with a bathroom she could use to clean off the worst of it.

By this time, we were all quite fed up so we decided to head back to the boat. We stopped at a supermarket and stocked up on fruit and snacks for our last days and bus ride home. Once back at the boat I took a quick shower while the others headed to the beach for a swim before dinner on the boat. It was rice, chicken and chickpea stew with bread.

The night was still young, so we headed out again with our skateboards. We went down the main street again but continued all the way down to the end where we found a big skatepark. It was a lot of fun just cruising down the streets, lit up by the lampposts, listening to music on our loudspeaker. Almost as if we were in a movie. There were a lot of people at the park so it was a really cool experience to see all the good skaters do tricks.

We got back to the boat just before ten o’clock. Right now I am sitting in the big mess writing this blog and eating the yoghurt I bought earlier. The others have set up a net on the big table and are playing ping-pong using books and cork trivets.

All in all I am very pleased with today. A lot has happened and we have done a lot of things even though big parts of the city is closed (due to the virus). I hope everyone else has had a good day today.

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