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A Prime Day

If you ever have been to the coastline of Portsmouth then you know what I am talking about. For miles and miles it continues.

When I woke up today I was very tired because of the fact that I had been on guard duty in the middle of the night, a nights watch of sorts. After the obligatory morning formation I went straight back to bed, I elected it to be wiser to sleep until the first fika of the day. In my opinion it was the right choice. My dear cabin mate and friend woke me up just as the fika began. The chef had been kind to us and made chocolate balls.

When the fika time was over I was ready to face the day. My group and I had two goals of the day. Firstly we wanted to visit Primark, a famous shopping center with excellent yet cheap clothes in Portsmouth. Secondly we wanted to eat dinner at a restaurant owned by the famous Jamie Oliver.

We didn’t know where Primark was so we followed the coastline for a while. It didn’t take long for us to notice some old fortifications and an area between the buildings and the sea where there was only grass. If you ever have been to the coastline of Portsmouth then you know what I am talking about. For miles and miles it continues. Where there is grass today was where the British soldiers stood ready to defend the heart of their empire from any invaders.

It took us a while to realize that we had walked in the wrong direction, as you can imagine our spirits were not positively impacted by this event. But we pulled through and made it to Primark. I instantly found three items of interest, a rough white T-shirt, a longer dark blue shirt with leather markings on the shoulder and lastly a black coat. All in all it cost me only 39 quid. In Sweden you would be extremely lucky to find such a nice coat for that price.

With our new possessions we headed home to the ship. Since we knew the way we made it home at least three times faster than it took for us to get there. We were only suppose to leave our stuff but since we were going to eat at Jamie Olivers we all decided to dress for the occasion. Naturally the new clothes was used.

Only good things had ever made it into my ears about Jamie Olivers restaurant so I went there with high hopes. I ordered a hamburger and it didn’t take long for it to be served, however somehow it had slipped my mind to order medium rare, so I got my meat well done. Honestly I usually love meat, but well done really? It ruins all taste that you could possibly get from a fine meat bun. I will not pass my judgement yet since I didn’t order medium rare but still. I am not impressed.

We later made our way back to the ship and played some poker, as you do in the big mess. It didn’t take long before I found myself in my bed.

Adrian, starboard


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