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A quite normal day at T/S Gunilla

Hallo everyone who reads this blogg!

Saturday the 19 of October, Vidar, Hanna and I worked all day in the galley. There wedid the diches amung other things.

Today I have been in the galley all day, until aproxamatly 9 pm. We didn’t do so much out of the ordenary. It was quite stressfull around the meals, but it is like that every day. All of us who work in the galley have to serve the others and do their diches. Today we ate a pasta with tomatoe sauce to lunch and later at dinner we got “korvstroganof”.

We in amidships had laudery day, and i really needed it beacus we schuld have had it four days ago. I have had to use sandals all time due to a lack of socks that isn’t too warm. It is very nice to have warm wether so i shuldn’t complain thought.

Anyways… In the galley we have done the diches and peald carrots, than we cleand it all. Althought it is a lot of work it’s not so bad and we can play some music when we work.

Right now i am a bit exhusted from working and I hope I havn’t done too many misstakes. We sail towords Barcelona tommorw so i think i shuld try to sleep.

Hampus Karlberg, amidships watch


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