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A Rainy Day in Barcelona

Our first day in Barcelona has been a lot of fun despite the bad weather. A lot of money wasted on clothes.

The day started with being woken up by Jemme at 7 am. I had oatmeal for breakfast. After breakfast we had morning gathering on deck. Since it was Hans´ last day as our captain, he said goodbye and gave us flags as a ”goodbye gift”. After the morning gathering wa had some lessons until 9:30am. Today it was starbord´s turn to watch the boat and do work. So my friends and I had free time to go out in Barcelona.

The weather today was bad. It was raining all day and we were all freezing. So we decided to go shopping. We went to the shopping mall that´s right over the street from where Gunilla is laying. The shopping mall had a lot of interesting stores. After the shopping we went back to Gunilla for lunch. Today we had pasta and tomato sauce. After lunch we headed out again, this time to the mainstreet, La Rambla. We continued shopping and walking around in Barcelona. After a while we got hungry so we got some waffles to in a park. Thereafter we headed back to Gunilla once again, and this time to get dinner. After dinner we gathered up some people to go out again and explore Barcelona.

Right now 22.48 pm we´re all sitting down in stora mässen listening to when our Captain Hans sings and plays the violin. This is the last time we get to see Hans before he leaves tomorrow morning.

Martin Aldén, Midskepps


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