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A rainy day in Safi

Today I woke up and I had to run to the toilet. But when I got to the toilet it didn’t work, so that was not the best start of the day.

After my hysterical morning we visited a school in Safi. It was really fun and I felt like I was a celebrity because everyone wanted to take pictures and selfies with us. We got to join an English lesson where a student, named Taha, had a very interesting presentation about “School violence”. We discussed how the violence is different in our country vs their country and we had a good discussion.

After that we went back to the boat again where we ate a really good lunch. The plan after lunch was that we were going to visit a music school, but that plan got changed. Instead of going to the music school we went to a place that none of us really didn’t know what is was, but they sang songs in Arabic for us. It was a really cool experience and something that I will never forget.

It rained the whole day so Safi was covered in water and it was really difficult to get through. When you walked you were knee deep in the muddy water.

Even though the morning wasn’t the best I had a really great day. I think that the Moroccans are very nice and friendly people and I love this country. I feel very welcome here and even though not everyone is that good at English we can have a conversation and talk about our lives. I think it´s very interesting to listen to their stories and to discuss the similarities and differences about our life and countries.

Tilde, babord.


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