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A Relaxing day 

Most days here on Gunilla can be pretty stressful with a lot of things to do and never a calm moment, but this day everything else then stressful.

For some reason I woke up at 10 am, two hours before my watch started, and I couldn’t go back to sleep. So I walked up on deck to check the weather. The sea was clear as a mirror and there was no wind at all, and I couldn’t see a cloud as far as the eye could reach. The weather had been terrible the last couple of days so I was a little bit confused after the bad weather. I just sat outside on deck for almost two hours listening to music before lunch.

When the watch started the wind had died completely. So we dowsed all the sails that still were up and furled them. When we were done with the sails we didn’t have much to do. And for some reason we didn’t start with any maintenance work. So we just sat on the deck and chilled until the ship meeting started at 15.00. Earlier that day the Captain had told us that he had some big news that he wanted to tell everyone at the meeting. There were lot speculations what the news was. But the weather was perfect for a bath stop. Almost no wind or waves. So almost everyone thought he tried to trick us, and that the big news was that we were going to have ha bath stop whit Gunilla.

And we were damn right. We stopped the engine and started to prepare everything for the bath stop. We launched the man over board boat so no one would get lost, fixed the pilot ladder so everyone could get on the ship again. After that we were ready. The water was 22 degrees warm and the air 25, completely perfect for a bath. And it was very nice and the water was very clear. For fika we had alcohol free piña coladas, very nice for a hot day. Sometimes life is very unfair but to your advantage.

In the night when our next watch started 00.00 there was still no wind, and we had nothing to do really. So we played a special kind of hide and seek called ``packa sill`` (packed sardines), only one person hides and everyone search for that person. And if you find the person you hide with the person. And in the end the whole watch is hiding in one spot and one person goes around by itself lonely and can’t find any one. It was a lot of fun and there are a lot of great places to hide on Gunilla.

One other thing we did under way sailing to Bermuda from Charleston, we turned the clock one hour forward and our night watch was one hour shorter than usual.

So this day was pretty chill, no cleaning, no maintenance work and almost no sailing, but as I wrote in the beginning this doesn’t happen very often.

Hugo starboard


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