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Aron’s birthday in Portimão

Now it’s time for my last and final post here on this blog. It’s Aron´s birthday today which is very exciting because he’s a very good friend of mine. I just want to tell you that I wish you had a good birthday and a fun year as you’re now 16.

I got out of my bed after repeatedly being woken up by My, as usual. I put on my clothes and went up to deck in perfect time for the formation. As it was Aron´s birthday we sang for him. Then it was time for port’s dock guard session, which is the group I belong to. So, I sat down at the gangway where I was stationed to sit the whole day.

At the time that we ate our Swedish fika our chef Pontus arrived and it was time to go grocery shopping. Aron and I joined him. We took a cab to the grocery store and as we arrived we noticed a coffee shop next to the store and went to get a coffee each and sat down to talk for a while. Afterwards we grabbed a shopping cart each and started shopping. We filled up a cart and a half with vegetables and the remaining space of the carts we filled with milk, butter and chips.

When we got back to the boat we loaded all the groceries and ate lunch. For lunch we got served falafel with rice and a sauce that reminded me of Christmas. Then I got back to my position as guarding the gangway.

At three o’clock it was time for a coffee break again and because it was Aron’s birthday he had wished for a fudge chocolate cake. Then we got back to our guarding posts again for a few hours and then it was time for dinner. Aron requested tacos so that’s what we got. It was delicious.

Finally, it was time for a study session to get a good night of sleep, since we are leaving Portimão tomorrow for Lissabon. Portimão was a lovely little city, but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to explore it as much as I wanted to. I’m looking forward to arriving at the big city Lisbon to get some more shopping as well as getting a good Christmas spirit.


Julie Edvardsson – Port.


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