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A rough day

Today has been rough day because we have changed our watches. Until today I had the 8-12 watch and my sleep schedule was good. I went to bed at 00:15 and woke up at 07:00, which is a normal sleeping time.

I got of my watch at 12:00 and then we changed so I needed to work at 16-20 o’clock. It would have been fine if it weren’t for the waves that came today. The whole night the waves moved me down so my feet touched the wall and then back up again, I couldn’t sleep. Then at 03:30 I heard a knock on the door and someone came in and said that my watch starts in 30 minutes. The worst thing with that sentence was that I need to put my socks on, because it is a lot harder than it looks. You can’t stand up because you immediately lose your balance. When you sit on the floor it’s not better because you then are gliding from one wall to the other.

When I finally managed to put all my clothes on, I went outside. I didn’t see anything and I tried to hold on to ropes so that I wouldn’t lose my balance. I made my way up to half deck and sat down. Because when it is this wavy the only thing you really can do is to sit down. When a really big wave comes everyone is gliding from one side to the other and at the same time water splashes on to deck and everyone gets really wet.

I started to freeze and went down to my cabin to put on warmer clothes. As I opened my wardrobe, I realized that I only have T-shirts and other summer clothes. Because when I packed for this trip, I thought that it would be warm outside. I took the thickest clothes I had and made my way up to deck. At 08:00 I could finally go down and try to sleep again.

Elisa Sengpiel, Styrbord


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