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A rough day at the sea

This morning I woke up of a suddenly thump and my body where forced to the wall in bed and i alredy knew what the weather where like on the outside. The Clock was quarter over 11 and we went out of bed to eat breakfst, after the breakfst I putted my sailing clothes and harnest on and went out on deck and as i alredy knew the sea was rolling and the rain where comming.

When i came out on deck it loked like what it did when I went to bed 8 hours before, we where stuck on the outside of Ajaccio port, we can´t dock because of the hard weather.

The second after the watch switch there was a heavy wind blowing over us, the wind was blowing in 25 meters per second and the rain hurted in my face. The weather came like a wall it was such a crazy experience. During the watch we turned the ship after the wind four times just so we don´t get to close to the harbour.

After the watch we had a class with Johan and then we went to bed because we where gonna have a watch at 12 am again. When we woke up again we where docked to a float where we gonna stay for the night.

Elsa Bergman, portside watch


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