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A rough morning

This morning was kind of rough. But really exciting.

It was my first ever guard duty and it didn’t start off easy. It poured cats and dogs and we were forced to climb and set the sails. Which was kind of scary, I was up on the big sail with my feet only supported by a thin rope.

If I’m being honest, it was fun the air was warm and we carried about 150 kg of sugar.

The pesky firsties who sailed over the Atlantic before we came to Gunilla, hadn’t emptied the garbage room so it was filled to the brim with trash. So we had to clean it out and throw everything into a big container. We had to be careful not to spill any trash on the ground because the Americans are paranoid about foreign garbage, and would have given us a fat fine.

But everything went well and life is really nice despite the fact that I'm still jet lagged and that the guard duty was quite taxing.

Over and out,



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